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Designing machinery is one of my core fields of interest. I always head for an out of box approach. I believe in saying “yes” first and getting things done in an efficient and thorough manner. My hands on experience with competing in design competitions combined with my academic coursework at the University of Alberta broadened my problem solving skills and amplified my ability to apply academic theories to real life problems. Several projects undertaken by me involved working with other students, colleagues and professors which bolstered my ability to thrive in a team environment. Besides academics, I am also an avid gamer and enjoy participating in programming hackathons.

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Harpreet (Harry) Singh


University of Alberta

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering April 2018
First Class Standing

My journey towards becoming an engineer began at the University of Alberta in 2013. Though I wasn’t inclined towards any particular field at the start, my penchant for designing new things directed me to pick the mechanical side of engineering. The university has provided a dynamic environment which enabled me to build strong relationships with other students and professors. My research experiences involve working with multiple departments across UoA. On holding the positions of VP Tech at the Mechanical Engineering Club and working along with the Ecocar Club at the University Of Alberta, I continuously thrived in a team environment along with playing the role of a team leader at appropriate times.

Strathcona High School

High School Diploma and Advanced Placement Certificates June 2013

I graduated out of Strathcona High school in Edmonton, Alberta. Membership in ‘Makers Club’ and ‘Science Olympics’ enabled me to maintain high standards in extracurricular activities along with academics. Several projects undertaken during my high school endorsed my ability to build and design new things and helped me charter a career path. I was also assigned the position of vice-president of the computer club of my high school. I represented my High school at various competitions around Edmonton.


University of Alberta Green and Gold Award, 2016

Jason Lang Scholarship, 2014-2015

CNRL Building Futures Scholarship, 2015

Dean's Research Award, University of Alberta, 2014-2015

Cenovus Energy Mechanical Engineering Scholarship, 2014

University of Alberta Academic Excellence Scholarship, 2013

Faculty of Engineering Academic Excellence Scholarship, 2013

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Academic Excellence Scholarship in Engineering, 2013

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, 2011 - 2013


Canadian Natural Resources Limited - Major Projects - Extraction, Horizon

Mechanical Engineering student January - August 2015

As part of two distinct teams at Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), I developed in-depth understanding of various large scale operations at a full scale extraction site. While investigating the root and cause of equipment failures, I gained hands on exposure to various equipment in the field such as pumps, turbines, and heat exchangers. As part of turnover team involved in extraction, I assisted in turning over extraction sub-systems to CNRL operations division, after ensuring the system’s compliance with CNRL’s codes for safe and reliable operations. I contributed to the team’s efforts by solely creating scripts which increased the speed of the output by 35%, and worked closely with different sub-contractors in the field. This helped me apply fundamental textbook concepts to real world constraints and took my scientific curiosity to next level.

Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Agency

Science and Technology Co-op student January - April 2015

For my first co-op term, I worked at Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Agency (AEMERA) as a Science and Technology Co-op student. Over the course of four months, I partook in a variety of projects from investigating PM2.5 exceedences around the city to beta testing and publically demonstrating AEMERA's air mapping tool at the Oil Sands Symposium 2015.
I also had the opportunity to travel to AEMERA's warehouse with a team of scientists and engineers to assemble and configure a remote-controlled mobile aquatic platform. This platform's main purpose was to measure and assess the ambient air over ponds and lagoons. This experience provided me with great hands-on experience while working with a professional team and challenged me with issues that arise from academic theories are applied to real world dynamics.

University of Alberta, Department of Electrical Engineering

Student Researcher May - December 2014

Under the guidance of Dr. Qing Zhao at the University of Alberta, I have had the opportunity to design and implement a GUI (Graphical User interface) for a fault detection mechanism using Matlab, incorporating features such as live plotting and post editing of the collected data set. Another project which enhanced my modelling capability was developing a model which classified objects based on a multi-class SVM approach. These experiences made my problem solving skills adaptable and transferable to a different work environment.


University of Alberta, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Assistant May - December 2015

I tested the usage of a flame sprayed alloy called 'NiCrAlY' (Nickel-Chromium-Aluminium-Yttrium) as a joule-heating element for polymer pipes. The idea was to raise the pipe's temperature when a voltage difference is applied across it. The pipes were fiber-reinforced polymer pipes and I manufactured them at the University of Alberta along with a team of graduate students. During the process, I mastered thermal-spraying as well as grit-blasting. I was working under the mentorship of Dr. Andre McDonald

University of Alberta, Department of Chemistry

Research Assistant July - August 2014

Working along with Dr. Arthur Mar and a team of graduate students, I assisted in synthesis and analysis of multiple rare-earth transition metal compounds. I used processes like X-ray diffraction and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to determine the crystal structure of various compounds. I also had the opportunity to co-author a research paper, titled 'Noncentrosymmetric rare-earth copper gallium chalcogenides RE3CuGaCh7 (RE = La-Nd; Ch = S, Se): An unexpected combination'.


University of Alberta Ecocar Club

Team Lead - App Development September 2014 - Present

I am deeply involved with the University of Alberta Ecocar Team. I designed and modeled the steering column of our new Hydrogen Fuel-cell vehicle 'Alice', prioritizing driver's comfort and safety. Building on this aspect of safety, I went on to design and program an Android app, along with a miniature computer Raspberry Pi 3, for the vehicle. This system also includes a remote shut-off mechanism, which is unheard of in this field. This allows the team to shut off the car remotely, in case of an emergency and thus, prevent damage to the driver and the vehicle. The android app also allows the team to remotely monitor car statistics, provides a live feed of the driver and the car's frontal view, incorporates lap time calculations as well as GPS location tracking. This system was utilized at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas held in Detroit, Michigan, USA and the Shell Eco-marathon Driver’s World Championship held in London, UK. The University of Alberta Ecocar team placed first in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas. I have also taken charge of obtaining a Microsoft Hololens for the team that would allow the team to design future vehicles with more precision and ease.

University of Alberta Mechanical Engineering Club

IT Coordinator and Vice President Tech September 2014 - April 2016

Serving as the IT Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering club, I organized an event hosted by IPEIA and created awareness regarding oil and gas codes. It focused on pressure equipment and pipeline codes and regulations faced by the Oil and Gas industry. I was recently promoted to be the Vice President Tech of the club.

Computer Skills

I've always had a keen interest in computers. Over the past few years, I've developed some necessary computer skills which I believe aid me during and after my mechanical engineering degree.

  • Solidworks - 3D Modelling
  • Android Studio
  • Microsoft Office
  • C++
  • Matlab
  • HTML5 and CSS


Overall Winner and Amazon Web Services API Award, HackEd 2017, University of Alberta, 2017

Finalist, CeoX1 Leadership Competition, Calgary, 2017

Participant, Western Engineering Competition - Senior Design, Banff, 2017

Overall Winner and DriveWyze API Award, HackEd Fall, University of Alberta, 2016

First Place, Senior Design Engineering Competition, University of Alberta, 2016

Participant, Hack the North, University of Waterloo, 2016

Participant, Shell Eco-marathon Driver's World Championship Europe, 2016

First Place, Shell Eco-marathon Americas, 2016

Participant, Hack the North, University of Waterloo, 2015

Third Place, HackED 2015, University of Alberta Computer Engineering Club, 2015

Participant, Microsoft Coding Challenge, University of Alberta, 2015

Participant, First Year Programming Contest, University of Alberta, 2013

Honorable Mention, Iverson Programming Contest, University of Alberta, 2013

Participant, Science Olympics, APEGA, 2013

Participant, Canadian Computing Competition, University Of Waterloo, 2013

Third Place, G@TEWAY ‘12, C++ Programming Competition, India, 2012

School Wizkid Medal, National Cyber Olympiad, India, 2011


WHMIS and CSTS-09 certification

APEGA Student Advantage Program

IPEIA Certification - Engineering and Code Essentials for the Oil and Gas Industry

Class 5 GDL Driver's License with a clean driver's abstract

Employer Testimonials

  • Excellent coordination and creative team player. Quick learner, takes ownership of extra work load. Overall Performance: Excellent.

    Joydip Sanyal, Engineering Lead - CNRL Major Projects - Extraction
  • Harpreet worked hard and accomplished many challenging tasks assigned to him in this work term. He is very productive and helped with computer coding work. Helped with the product demonstration at the JOSM Science Symposium and communicated with the audiences well. He is a good team player and receives directions well.

    Dr. Long Fu, Manager - Standards, Quality, and Innovation team - AEMERA

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